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Complete wood-plastic composite (WPC) machinery projects we supply

PE/PP wood-plastic composite (WPC) extrusion line (One-step)

  • One-step PE/PP WPC extrusion line specially designed for PE/PP based WPC lumber extrusion. It is a tandem of co-rotating parallel twin screw WPC compounder and single screw WPC profile extruder;
  • No separate WPC pelletizing line required. One step WPC line saves factory area, power, salary costs.
  • No drying needed if wood powder's humidity is within 8%.

PVC marble sheet and profile manufacture project (PVC marble extrusion machinery)

Product application

PVC marble imitating sheets and profiles are used as substitution of natural stones like marble, granite as well as ceramic in interior decoration.

Ideal for decoration of public premises, they can also be used in private homes, especially in humid areas.

PE wood composite (WPC) pelletizing line

PE wood composite (WPC) pelletizing line is based on modern co-rotating parallel twin-screw extruder specially designed for making WPC resin in the form of pellets (granules) using a multi-strand hot-face die-head and cutting device.

Alternatively an online WPC crusher can be used to granulate WPC by crushing solid melt aggregates and maximize the capacity.

PVC wood composite (WPC) door extrusion line

This foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) profile extrusion line is based on high capacity counter-rotating conical twin screw extruder specially designed for extrusion of foamed PVC-based WPC extra large panels and plates.

This line will allow you to make foamed PVC wood composite door panels for indoor applications.

PVC wood-plastic composite (WPVC) profile extrusion line

PVC wood (WPC) extrusion line is based on counter-rotating conical twin screw extruders 65/132, 80/156 specially designed for PVC-based wood polymer composites, both foamed and solid.

Foamed WPC lumber is ideal for indoor decorative applications (WPC picture frames, blinds, skirting etc.), WPC doors frames, wall and floor panels, ceilings etc. With proper formulations and extrusion process they can also be used outdoors. Solid (un foamed) WPC profiles are typically intended for outdoor application (WPC cladding, WPC decking, WPC fencing etc.).

Wood-plastic composites manufacturing machinery we supply

PE/PP WPC profiles are typically extruded in three ways:

  • One-step technology (small-scale projects): tandem WPC extrusion line (compounder + profile extruders)...

TS or SS extruders based WPC machinery for making foamed and unfoamed PVC WPC profiles in single color or natural wood pattern, with or without additional surface treatment.
Profiles best fit for indoor...

Co-extruded WPC profiles are made by tandem of WPC profile extruder that makes the core coupled with co-extruder that applies hardened polymer compound capstock on the surface through the single co-extrusion die...

Versatile WPC panels are made of foamed PVC WPC in extrusion process.
Foamed core and reinforced surface makes these boards light but durable.
Used for furniture, billboards, wall partitions, vehicle...

Made in a single stage with tandem WPC extruder the line makes WPC pipes that can be used outdoors in landscape and cityscape architectural and design projects.
Apart from wood powder, other recycled...

One-step (non-pelletizing) extrusion line for making hollow WPC sandwich panels and other extra-large boards. Voids can be filled with insulation material.
Panels designed to be used as exterior or interior...

Wood imitating foamed polystyrene profiles are neat plastic lumber made by single screw extrusion with optional surface treatment by embossing, sanding, brushing.
This WPC substitute with pure long-lasting...

TS extruder based lines for extruding whole-piece foamed PVC WPC door panels as well as assembled WPC door profiles.
Both profile types can be additionally finished with PVC film lamination while whole-...

One-step technology: cascading WPC extrusion line for making outdoor PE/PP WPC profiles without preliminary pelletizing.

  • No preliminary pelletizing required - you save on initial...

Based on parallel and conical twin screw or single screw extruders, WPC pelletizing lines are designed to make PE/PP/PVC wood composite (WPC) resin in the form of...

WPC extrusion lines are based on conical twin screw extruders specially designed for making unfoamed or foamed PVC wood composite (WPC) profiles...

WPC sanding (polishing) machine --WPC brushing (drawing/wiring) machine --WPC embossing machine and patterns --WPC profile hot stamping machine --WPC doors engraving machine --WPC PVC film lamination machine...

- PE/PP WPC single screw extrusion line for making outdoor WPC lumber
- Foamed PVC WPC extrusion line for making indoor natural wood grain WPC profiles
- Single screw extrusion line for making foamed...

- crushers, dryers, powder mills for making wood and other fillers for WPC
- high-speed mixers for blending of WPC composition ingredients
- WPC crushers for making WPC shreddings for recycling and...

- Energy and space saving WPC pelletizer and WPC profile extruder for experiments. Good for WPC manufacturers and educational facilities to develop new formulations without major expenses.
- Lab testers for...

- special design high-precision WPC dies & molds with calibrators
- special design reinforced WPC screws & barrels, screw components

WPC.Asia - professional WPC machinery OEM manufacturer

WPC.Asia is Shanghai-based professional OEM manufacturer & supplier of wood-plastic composite (WPC) machinery & technology in China.

We're not a consulting company, we make WPC machines, yet we do a lot of consulting work before producing and supplying the machinery.

We also a supplier of quality raw materials & formulations for manufacturing of polymer wood composites (WPC additives, pigments).

Modern advanced WPC extrusion machines & reliable technology, high quality components, workmanship and production control, high level technical support and after-sales service along with reasonable prices is what we guarantee.

Professionally tailored & intergrated machinery solutions for wood plastic composite industry under one roof!

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